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We all go through transitions in life – some are major interruptions, and some are just small changes that make us want to strive towards our full potential. But how do you identify what to focus on, and what tools can you use to become the best version of yourself?

Make great decisions based on a proven success formula to make that next career move and follow your passion regardless of your life stage.  Propel Yourself Blueprint will help you answer those big questions, create an action plan and make your next bold move.

This course will help you get to know yourself in profound new ways and get you on the right path for your future. You’ll create daily practices to remove stress, overcome limiting beliefs, stay positive, and make great decisions for you and your family. This is your time to take control of your personal and professional life and change all the rules to go in your favor.

Make your move now,

Manny Matsakis

P.S. Take a journey to learn even more about this course by going to this page and then you’ll be guided to a 3-part video series to help you create an opportunity to live life on your terms…

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is the lesson-by-lesson e-course outline?

Part One: Creating Your Launch Pad.

In order to get from where you are to where you want to be – A proper Launch Pad must be created. Our Launch Pad is designed with three areas in mind… An Essentialist Approach. A philosophy I have applied from Greg McKeown, the author of Essentialism, The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. Simplifying Your Life. A 4-part strategy to shave 10+ hours off your work week. Setting up Your Base of Operations. Getting your work environment optimized for technology, structure & sensory productivity.

Part Two: Dream Big

A high achieving mindset is critical to reach your ultimate goal… Achieving Breakthroughs. You will see how getting out of your comfort zone propels you to create the life you desire. All of the ‘juice’ is on the other side… If you can press through and get outside your comfort zone, if you are willing to do that, it can make all the difference in achieving your goals and accomplishing or having your best year to date. Completing The Past. We want to turn a corner and talk about the importance of dealing with the past and I will give you a process for completing the past so that you’re not dragging it into the future. Cycle of Completion. Now, I’ll share the Cycle of Completion paradigm and give you an action plan to clear up your past. Building The Future. Once you’ve processed your past, you’re ready to start getting on to the business of creating your best year. We turn to the future and talk about how to take your vague aspirations and turn them into powerful, compelling goals.

Part Three: Creating Your Master Plan

In this unit, I will take you into the process of creating your masterpiece. Power of the Zone. It all starts with an awareness of where you are spending your time. There is certainly a target to hit and that is The Zone. You will get a reality check and assess what percent of your time is spent in the various dimensions of time. Setting Your Compass. A life planning exercise designed to take you from the creation of, to the development of your areas of management and then you will create your Master Grids to head for ‘True North’ toward the life you want to live. O.P.A. How to get what you really want is the outcome of this lesson. You will go far beyond the concept of goal setting and have a proven strategy to planning anything you desire.

Part Four: Dreams Into Action

Now, on to the final Unit of this course. One where everything comes together and gives you the actual blueprint to follow to live the life of the highest achieving football coach. Projects. I’ll take you through the process of working at a higher level. Basically, a systematic approach to plan the bigger items on your agenda. You’ll go through a project in the category of improvement that deals with the physical body. Apply this methodology to any project you desire. Weekly Review. You will go through a 3-step weekly process. Initially, you’ll connect to your Master Grids, then Plan an Outstanding Week concluding with Setting Yourself up for Victory. The Power Parthenon. As the CEO of your life, it’s time to step up and be a leader. The Power Parthenon approach enables you to simplify and achieve balance, focus on your best activities and transform those abilities for the greatest value. [This is the secret weapon of the highest achieving football coaches that I know.]

How much is the e-course?

This special one-time only price of $97. This price is available for a limited-time only. The full price for the course is $297.

How can I pay for the e-course?

You can pay through PayPal, Visa, Master Card and American Express.

Are there any required materials for this course?

There are no required materials for this course. You will be able to access specially designed downloadable worksheets and resources for each assignment. If you choose, you can also take notes in your personal journal for the course. Otherwise, just bring yourself and your willingness to create the future you want.

CLICK HERE & Go to the bottom of the sign-in page to purchase. $97 SPECIAL RATE

Is this course available worldwide?

Yes, It’s easy to register and participate from anywhere in the world!

Can I take the course at my pace?

Yes! You can take the course at your pace.

Will I be able to watch the e-course videos again?

Yes! You will have continued access to the e-course and will be able to view your favorite lesson videos at any time.

What happens after I finish the course?

The course will help you create a success mindset as well as teach you habits, tools, and strategies needed to become the best version of yourself (personally & professionally) to crush obstacles and achieve your goals. After the course is over, you will have continuous access to the course.

Can I get a refund?

We offer refunds for up to 7 days from the date of purchase. All you have to do is request a refund, no questions asked.

CLICK HERE & Go to the bottom of the sign-in page to purchase. $97 SPECIAL RATE



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