The Author of the Carnivore Cookbook

If you are searching for a proven strategy to lose weight and optimize your energy listen to Craig Emmerich’s insight on the Carnivore Diet. This conversation is the latest on a diet that you as a football coach should consider to help you create a football coaching life on your terms. I reached out to Craig and he was gracious enough to give me tremendous insight on the Carnivore Diet as well as a project his wife Maria is focused on called keto-adapted.

Enjoy this episode as you gain more insight into a profound strategy that is worth a try!

The Manny Matsakis Show

I didn’t have any health issues at the time. I’m a stubborn German, and I brew my own beer. And would eat what she made me during the week. But on the weekends, I’d eat whatever I wanted. I just started realized I feel a lot better during the week.

Myself, I came into carnivore because of my Lyme disease that I developed about eight years ago that had gotten very chronic before it was finally diagnosed three years ago. I started eating carnivore three years ago as a result, and it really reduces my pain.

So here’s the position we have always taken on different types of beef.  It is best when it is organic, but buy the best quality you can afford. Even the standard store-bought beef is going to be far better for your health than any of the crap in the middle of the grocery store.



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