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Dr. Michael Rudolph is the Senior Scientist at the New York Structural Biology Center and the Senior Editor of Muscular Development magazine. Michael played college football at Hofstra University and in this episode, he shares his insight on physical training and intermittent fasting to help you live a high-quality football coaching lifestyle. He also gives some poignant viewpoints on the demise of Hofstra football.

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Insight to help you increase energy: If you eat the right foods, right after you train, you can mitigate catabolism in muscle tissue, and then actually trigger anabolism in muscle tissue.

How to raise your testosterone levels: Intermittent fasting, resistance training, and cardiovascular training winds up augmenting testosterone levels!

The demise of Hofstra Football: I am shocked at the short-sightedness of Stuart Rabinowitz and his simple-minded view of what a university is. He’s obviously a very limited man and he made a very, very poor choice. The day that I found out about the football program being shut down, I actually called into WFAN. I got on the phone with Mike Francesa. And I went back and forth him a little bit and told him how much of a bad idea it was to drop Hofstra football.


Muscular Development magazine

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