Insight From A Career Basketball Coach To Apply Today!

Dr. Matthew Raidbard is the author of “Lead Like A Pro” – Effective leadership styles for athletic coaches. Matthew is a career basketball coach who shares his passion for helping coaches develop and improve their approach to leadership.  In this episode, we delve into different leadership techniques and how you can evaluate your current practices so you can develop a strong leadership style that fits your personal values and beliefs.

The Manny Matsakis Show

A tip to keep in mind when setting up your coaching style: I think one thing that I’ve noticed that kind of sets coaches up for potential failure, or just a lack of success in leadership is trying to copy other successful coaches.

Defining transformational leadership: A coach or leader who believes in the power of inspiration and motivation, that it’s their job to inspire and motivate their athletes to be more than they thought they could be and to achieve more than they thought was possible.

Insight on Nick Saban: So I think Nick Saban is both a transformational leader and an autocratic leader. He’s always been somebody who came off to me as inspirational and motivational. A lot of what he talks about is aspirational. But also, he comes off to me as somebody who’s making decisions based on his knowledge and his experience and what he observes and knows about his team, and their needs. He makes those decisions because he knows what’s best!




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