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During this interview, Ron McKie was the Offensive Coordinator at Batesburg-Leesville high school in South Carolina. He’s been a highly successful football coach that is known for running the spread offense and he’s also the foremost authority in helping coaches discover their coaching identity through his highly successful YouTube Channel. He has over 25,000 subscribers on this platform which features outstanding quality interviews and Showcasts with top football coaches.

Ron and I discuss spread formation football, his influences, and just how he got started in creating his YouTube channel. I was particularly impressed by how well Ron has been able to manage his time and continue to influence our profession by consistently creating must-see content for football coaches.

I know you’ll also enjoy Ron’s advice on how to best learn the secrets to creating your football coaching life in your career with your goals in mind.

Today, Ron is the CEO of 92 Media an email marketing agency. Check out his website: https://theemailcoach.co/

The Manny Matsakis Show

About how he learned the game of football: Right when the internet kind of started for football I was going to all of these message boards and trying to find all these clinics and everything like that because no one would teach me the cool things. And I always said that if I learned something I want to give back.

On Family & Football: When I’m away during football, like at practice or at school or stuff like that, I want to take advantage of the time that I have at home with my kids, because right now they’re six and three, and they do they still want to be around me. I know when they get older, they’re not that’s not going to be the case. So I want to take advantage of it right now.

Discovering the Air Raid while in college: I was like, Screw it! We’re gonna watch whatever comes on this TV. And it happened to be Mike Leach and Texas Tech while y’all were there. And we fell in love with it! We were just both football players. We played together in high school, we looked at each other and go, What is this offense? And why is it talking to us? You know, I’m a college. So I’m doing college activities. But I literally sat there and watched it. I was like, Oh, I love that play. Oh, look at this, this guy’s open. This is amazing doing it over and over again. And that led me into a rabbit hole of the whole spread.


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