Wrapping Up Your Day

Today’s episode of the Manny Matsakis Show is an Inside Access where we delve into your Evening Routine, the best way to set up a remarkable day.

“The single most important factor in winning your mornings and owning your days is to utilize a technique that puts you in an outstanding state of mind come morning… That would be a proven evening routine.”

The Manny Matsakis Show

The Routine: A perfect morning can’t make up for a poor evening routine. The solution is to design your evening routine so it’s habitual. Now here are a few non-negotiables for developing your ideal evening routine.

Essential Oils before bedtime: I like to diffuse them in the bedroom, either wild orange & cedarwood combination, equal drops of each one of those, or just straight serenity. Now, Serenity is fantastic. It’s also really good, believe it or not, to apply a couple of drops of serenity to your big toe.

Countdown to bedtime: Two hours before bed, stop working & one hour before bed avoid any screen time.


Various Links to optimize your evening routine!

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