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Stop Hoping for Completion

Tomorrow May Never Come

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Some football coaches make the error of thinking that one day it will be done. They think, “If I can work enough, then one day I can take a break.” Or, “One day my program will be entirely organized and life will be on auto-pilot.” The common error is to think that eventually things will be different in some way. They won’t. It never ends – that’s just part of the grind. As long as you are a football coach, there will be a creative tussle with the present moment as you give your unique gift to the world.

"Mike Leach once told me that coaching was a constant state of correction."

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Completion: Hoping

The process is never going to be over, so stop waiting for the good stuff. Decide now to spend a minimum of 90-minutes per day working on whatever you are putting off. Think about it, what are you putting on hold that you really want to do? Are you doing this because of your financial situation? Or, the children are still in the house? Don’t wait any longer. Don’t believe in the myth of “one day when everything will be different.” Do what you love to do, what are you waiting to do, what have you been born to do, now.

In spite of your daily duties that you feel are holding you back – do what you love to do. If it’s getting your life in order so you can propel your career as a football coach, then get it done! If it’s spending more quality time with your loved ones, then get it done! However, I am warning you that you may discover that you can’t do it; that, in fact, your dream of your future life is a fantasy.

Completion: Procrastination

“Procrastinator” was the first big word my father used to say to me. It was a label that he placed upon me and it stuck for so many years until I figured out what it really meant.

Procrastination is just an excuse for lack of creative discipline.

Limited money, lacking resources, or education have never stopped a football coach that really wanted to achieve something special. However, these things do provide excuses for a coach that is not really up to the creative challenge.

Find out today whether you are ready to get it done. To move forward on your big dream. Create time for that on a regular basis, I mean uninterrupted time. Turn off all the distractions and just go there and focus on where you want to go. The goal is to go to sleep at night knowing you lived your day creating the life you desire.

I am going to share with you something that happens once you make a decision to play life on your terms.

Completion: Put in Order

I’ve noticed that once I have made a decision to go into uncharted territory the world shows me a disorder. What I mean by this is that people around me become uncomfortable with the change. People like certainty, so they try to put me back in my place. Remember, order always results in a disorder. The way to overcome all this is to move simply forward and ignore the chaos that just showed up in your life. Just keep putting in order.

The world will always present you with unforeseen challenges. You are either living life fully on your terms, giving of yourself amidst those challenges… Or, you are waiting for that imaginary future that will never come.

Completion: Get it Done

Football coaches that have lived meaningful lives are men who never waited… for money, job security, ease of networking. They were active in their decisions and knew where they wanted to go. Here’s an inspirational book about a movie I recently watched on Netflix called, Undefeated.

Feel what you want to get done in this world and do what you can to move in that direction today. Every moment waited is a moment wasted, and this ultimately degrades your clarity of purpose.

There is nothing like an honest look at yourself to propel you to take your career to the next level.

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What things do you do to make sure you’re getting things done? Any distractions that come up regularly?

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