Accelerator Technique Introduction

How you can install the Accelerator Technique to get results on game day!

At Widener, we have been working on a concept that has drawn attention coast to coast and internationally, The Accelerator Technique.

The In-box is Full…

Recently, I loaded a video of a couple plays we used in a game and my in-box has been flooded with requests from high school to major college coaches.

Accelerator Technique Game Day Video!

At Widener, we run the Triple Shoot Offense and in our first year executing this system we ranked at the top of our conference in total offense, passing offense as well as plays per game. Even if you don’t run our system you can benefit from the Accelerator Technique.



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Accelerator Technique Unveiled!

Here is our latest experimentation with the Jet Sweep concept. In these two plays, notice our inside receiver coming from 15 yards deep so he can accelerate faster to the edge. Our research shows a full second or more faster (From the Tackle to the hand-off) than without the Accelerator Technique.

When we hit it this fast, it draws considerable attention from the defense and sets up our counter play… Enjoy!

DISCLAIMER: Do not try this without knowledge of installation or your results may be disastrous. (It has taken us 2 months to work out the details of this concept … there is more to this than what the naked eye sees.)

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Jet Sweep Approach Yields Results in New Jersey!

Case Study: Butler Bulldogs, NJ

The Butler Bulldogs have been running the Triple Shoot Offense since 1992. The program is one of the most storied in New Jersey football history. Butler is a small town where football is a passion. The coaches and players have been diligent in preparing for success on a regular basis. Recently, there had been a departure from Butler’s winning ways on the gridiron. Head Coach, Jason Luciani has led a renewed enthusiasm for getting back to their Triple Shoot roots and executing the offense with precision. This process was spearheaded with the hiring of new offensive coordinator Mark Mickens.

Getting Back To Their Roots

Coach Mickens had been involved with the Triple Shoot Offense since those early years when hall of fame Head Coach Bob Jones switched from the I-formation and garnered multiple state championships as a result. Mark Mickens was now entrusted to get the Bulldogs back to their winning ways on the offensive side of the ball. A few weeks ago, Coach Mickens saw my blog posts on optimizing your offense with a Jet Sweep approach. That day, he printed copies of the articles and showed them to his staff. After reviewing the materials, they knew that this was a solution to turning around their fortunes. (more…)

Would you like to know what Bill Walsh taught me about Installing Jet Sweep Play Passes?

In 1997, I learned how to develop expert play passes from Bill Walsh, the Hall of Fame coach of the San Francisco 49ers. In fact, I give him credit for the key insights to installing jet sweep play passes in my offense. We were having dinner at Del Frisco’s steakhouse in Dallas, Texas and I had the opportunity to ask him a few questions. One question I asked him was, “What is the single best tool to take advantage of a disciplined defense?” His answer was the play pass.

Meeting the Genius

Coach Walsh had just retired from the 49ers and he was a big fan of American Football Quarterly (Today it’s called, American Football Monthly).  Through dialogue with my publisher, Barry Terranova (pictured above with Bill Walsh) we were able to hire him as Senior Editor and technical adviser. What then ensued for me was access to one of the brightest minds in American football history. He was gracious in answering so many questions about the game. From running an organization to creating an offensive system and the insight, what he shared completely changed the way I thought about being a football coach.

To say that Coach Walsh was a student of the game, is to put it mildly – he was a consummate professor. Coach Walsh was an encyclopedia of football knowledge. He had studied and developed systems of organization that were second to none. He was notorious for being very inquisitive and asking great questions. If you haven’t read his seminal book, Finding the Winning Edge, I highly recommend it as must-read material.

Our conversation at Del Frisco’s led me to make a trip to the west coast to gain insights on developing a tool to take advantage of disciplined defenses.

What follows is an organized compilation of my notes from a weekend with Bill Walsh. (more…)

How Did Blending the Jet Sweep and Georgia Southern’s Hambone Result in College Football’s All-time Leading Rusher?

I know this, no Offense in American football history has rushed for more yards up the middle while featuring a single back and utilizing a jet sweep approach with influences from Georgia Southern’s Hambone. In fact, at Emporia State (1995-1998) Brian Shay rushed for 6,958 yards in his career benefiting from this approach of attacking the defense. He finished as the all-time leading rusher in college football history.

Here’re a few clips featuring Brian Shay…

As you might notice, many of Shay’s runs were between the Tackles, set up by the Pop Out motion. Now, let’s get to the details of how we were able to take advantage of this approach. (more…)

How an American Football Coach Who Died in 1982 Showed Me the Way to Use the Jet Sweep in My Offense to Break Records and Fill My Stadium?

Believe it or not. Nobody uses motion in executing their offense as much as I have in American football. In most games, our offense uses some movement 75 percent of the time. I’ve always appreciated the way that motion puts indecision on the defense while maximizing our team speed. It’s the equalizer when we play a more talented opponent, and it’s an unfair advantage when you play a team of similar caliber. I want to show you how I came to this realization on the way to creating my offense, the Triple Shoot Offense.

Jet Sweep

My odyssey began in 1989 when I was a graduate assistant at Kansas State University for Bill Snyder. I was working on my doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, and the title of my dissertation was, “The History & Evolution of the Run and Shoot Offense in American Football.”