Manny Matsakis

Inside Access: Covid-19 Pandemic Update for Coaches

What's Happening around College Football

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Manny sits down and discusses some of the current ramifications of the Covid-19 Pandemic. Hear how football coaches and college athletics as a whole are being affected by this virus.

Navigational Highlights

00:00 – How the Coaching Staff needs to handle working during the Pandemic

00:42 – “A Season of Influenza and Influence…” – Article written by Chantel Jennings

04:27 – Headlines and the Media’s reaction to the current situation

06:09 – How the NCAA and College Football are being affected

08:42 – Financial Outlook for colleges and their sports programs

10:12 – Example: LSU budget and graphic from 2017

14:55 – How can we increase the revenue for this upcoming season?

16:12 – How this Pandemic is affecting D3 and Defiance College

19:08 – When will we play football?

21:09 – Closing Statements and Summary

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