Manny Matsakis

Inside Access: Creating and Sustaining Rapid Growth

The F.I.T. Method of Thinking

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On this Inside Access episode, Manny discusses his thinking process and how he comes up with new ideas, while sustaining the growth of those ideas throughout the year. He breaks down his “F.I.T.” method of thinking (Focused Intentional Thinking) and lays out his morning routine. Listen in and hopefully you can take some great insight away from this Inside Access!

Manny: Welcome to Inside Access. I’m Manny Matsakis, and this episode is about creating and sustaining rapid growth. Now, the key to rapid growth is basically innovation, and that comes from developing a new system, a way of working, and possibly an operational break through. Now, in these times, we’re gonna have to accelerate some things so this is a great time to have these breakthroughs occur. Bu the one thing to keep in mind is, as a result of this, your program, your life can scale rapidly. And the best of these things don’t just happen. The’rebasically a result of making timefor what is called “Deliberate Thinking”.

When you grow rapidly, you out slip your capacity and fall into what we call “Reactive Mode”. So you don't just want to be reacting to demands of your life, your program of the day. You want to actually be able to scale everything with this rapid growth. You want to be put in a situation where things are happwening fast but that things are scaled to a sustainable year round way so that you can mentsally stay fit on a regular basis. And when I talk about fit. What I'm really telling you about here is a regular practice of focused as the F intentional, the eye and thinking is the T. So, that's what I want to share with you today on this inside access. The faster you grow, the more time you must dedicate to thinking. So let's talk about fit, F.I.T. Let's take a look at focus.

Number one, right solving complex problems is called Deep work. And it takes deep work and a book A few years ago I read by a fella named Cal Newport, he mentions the concept of deep work in creativity and thinking, and that is definitely something that is critical. When you want to accelerate things in your life and in your program. I believe it takes a single minded focus, which you achieve by dedicating an entire block of time to solving a specific problem. So, when you think about it this way, you know, focused, it's like, you have to really lock in to make this happen.

Now, moving on to Part number two which is the iron fit, which is intentional. I know that for me, thoughts come at different times I mean sometimes it hits me in the shower sometimes it just random things happen. But there's no reason to leave this all up to chance. It's critical to spend time thinking, as opposed to just following what we had called before the grind fallacy is not just each storage, do all the time with especially. I believe you want to avoid the quick fix of grinding and doing when you're dealing with rapid growth and innovation.

Which brings us to the third part of the T which is thinking now doing is important. You can't just sit there and think, but the faster you grow the more important thinking is to your success. I believe you want to schedule. Think time. And that's what I do, I make it part of my morning ritual, and this is the way that I do it. So just humor me for a minute here. I think number one in scheduling. This is something I do early in the morning but I want to be able to put in, and focus on the outside input first before the creativity comes afterwards so that comes to reading audiobooks podcasts, Ted Talks, you know that's what this can do for you. This is my source of outside information to basically prime the pump. And what I do is I walk in the morning, and I go outside or from, I might be on a treadmill so that way I can use a book and so forth, I'll listen to an audio book. This is a podcast, and I take in various information for 30 to 45 minutes.

Now, after that's over my ideas are coming forth from this outside information. Now I have one of those eye watches, or Apple watches, and I have a little app on there where I can just sort of hit the button, and if I get an idea, while I'm walking, I just talk it into my app on the phone you can do this a variety of different ways I prefer not trying to write it down. Just sort of, you know, as ideas come just throw them into my app, and it works best for me that way. So after my morning exercise I'll start writing, and I write for I. My thoughts are about anywhere from 30 to 30 minutes to an hour and after a morning says My brain is really stimulated. With these new ideas, and all the research says hey you've increased your blood flow your state of creative thinking is, is really what's happening next. So then I start the writing process. This practice gives me a chance to solve. My biggest problems and come up with my next innovations. It's also great for content creation, that's where just the idea of this insight access. Part of my podcast came, was I was thinking, Oh, okay, what is it I normally do during the dayThat might be a benefit to others and it also helps me to teach something as I'm getting better and better honing in the process, you know, Aristotle once said thinking is the talking of the soul with itself. And I definitely believe that. And what I want you to do is ultimately give this a try. So here's my question to you. What would it make possible for your career, your life, if you regularly practiced focus, intentional thinking, what could be possible. Right. So I would like for you to try my routine for a couple of weeks, let me know. Remember, you really can win on the field and optimize your life. Looking forward to seeing you next week on another episode of Inside access.

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