Manny Matsakis

Inside Access: Getting Your First Coordinator Job

Challenges and Overcoming the Odds

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After speaking with Greg Gigantino in Episode 5 of The Manny Matsakis Show, Manny wanted to elaborate more on some of the memories he has from his days at Hofstra University and how his first stint as an offensive coordinator went. Lynn Groll joins him to ask some great questions and help listeners learn more about how Manny’s time at Hofstra impacted his coaching style and career. Hear about some tough challenges he faced and how he overcame different obstacles.

Navigational Highlights

[0:00] Topic introduction and Lynn Groll

[3:04] Being at Kansas State

[6:08] Manny’s history with the Hambone and Run and Shoot Offenses

[9:04] Why Manny wanted to go to Holy Cross

[14:35] Going to Hofstra and getting his first Offensive Coordinator job

[19:23] What were Manny’s feelings going into the interview and how he prepared

[27:06] How it was different back then when looking for a new job

[32:38] What were the keys to getting the Hofstra football program going and successful

[35:10] The unique quarterback stories from Manny’s Hofstra days

[41:08] Attitude and feelings after his first season as an Offensive Coordinator

[44:57] Offensive Line will win you the games

[49:56] Relationships in the coaching industry

[53:33] Final thoughts on how Hofstra has impacted Manny’s career

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What advice would you have for young coaches getting their first coordinator job?

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