Manny Matsakis

Inside Access: How to Create Your Vision

The 7 Steps to Creating Your Future

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Manny sits down and discusses how he approaches creating his visions and ideas. He’s been applying these steps to his coaching career since back in 1994 when you began American Football Monthly. Get an inside look at how Manny has created success throughout his career.

Manny: Welcome to inside access. I’m Manny Matsakis and this episode is all about how to create your vision. And if you’re anything like I am, then you come up with these ideas and just do it constantly. I know a lot of coaches tha are in the same boat. The key is, it’s not really just the ideas because that’s just one part of it. It’s really about what happens after that. It’s so common to start into, “How am I going to get this done” and you just keep going and it’s like you gotta have everything perfect before you get started. And that, my friend is the problem. The secret I’ve found to achieving lies in deciding your WHAT and suspending your HOW. You know once upon a time JFK, John F Kennedy said “we're going to put a man on the moon”. He didn't come out and say exactly what we had to do in every phase of how we're going to do it. We didn't even have the technology back when he made the statement, his confidence basically drove that agenda and we put a man on the moon. Now, this isn't necessarily putting a man on the moon, but we've all got some type of a vision, something we're trying to create at this point.

And what I'd like to share with you is something that I was fortunate enough to get started. And this was back in 1994, when I decided to start a trade journal for football coaches that ultimately became today, American football Monthly. When we first started we called American Football Quarterly. And what I was doing at that point was, I had just moved from Hofstra to Manhattan, Kansa.s back to Manhattan, Kansas. And I had this idea of creating a football trade journal. And this is before the internet really hit and what I wanted to do was create something amazing for football coaches that we could all learn from. And I felt that by doing this, the profession would be better and for whatever reason I know that my motivation was, as a young athlete with my father being a, a, you know, a coach a coach like for sports and and high school, and I used to go downstairs in the basement where he had these old they're, they were called athletic journal magazines and I used to read through them, and ultimately I taught myself how to, like, perform as an athlete by reading his coaching magazines. Bizarre story it's like at one point I was like okay well I was doing track and field, and I learned how to throw the shotput and the discus by reading these magazines and I would send away for, like, little eight millimeter videos of these great discus throwers and shotput and I watch them down in the basement, you know, and I'd study it, because, you know, he's from a small town in Ohio and we really didn't have any expertise in that area but by being able to read these journals, by time I was a senior I was actually graduated in 1980 and I was the state champion in the state of Ohio in the discus throw. So, you know, but it all came from learning through a magazine and I thought that was a pretty neat idea and always gave me an awesome way to see how you could teach yourself so what's awesome about this for you is, as you're looking at this, it's all about taking something amazing and learning, and taking it to the next level. So, American football monthly became what it is. And over time, because I thought I had the confidence to create this, I didn't know all the steps that had to be taken to properly do this, I just knew it had to happen. And I was fortunate, by putting it out there and creating this, the steps sort of showed their way and I certainly believe that one thing you will find as a coach, and I've certainly found is this is the leadership is all about confidence in what's going to happen, it starts that way. If you've got to sit there and plan out every single detail of something. You just become paralyzed in the process at least that's what's happened to me.

So what I want to share with you is there, I believe there are seven steps you should take to create your future and whatever this you want it to look like out there, there is a better way to do this that I've been able to test out and it seems to work for me. I do this Prior to the season to create whatever it is with our team, and you can create this thing out there as far ahead as you choose to do so. But here's the seven steps

Step number one set aside to how and get clear on what you want, which is really what it comes down to. And what I've noticed is the bigger the vision, the harder it is to avoid how you're going to do this. And when it’s huge, it's like oh my goodness, amazing out there that was seems to happen is you start to think okay I gotta take this step, I gotta take this step, and you start to plan out all these things that some people do like massive flowcharts they download all these different programs and let me do all this planning, well you just get paralyzed by the planning so I think you really by setting aside the how, get clear on what you want.

Step number two is to actually stand in the future, pick a date and go there. Alright, so you want to stand in the future, get out there and tell yourself like, Alright, I'm in this spot it's almost like the time traveler you know Doctor Who, if you're into science fiction, and these guys, you just go back in time go forward in time. And what I want you to do is to stand in the future go forward in time and see yourself there.

Step number three. I have found that really works and I use this with all this with my players it's like use your imagination. You're already there. Make it bigger and brighter, avoid any negativity, right, so you want to use your imagination and see what it is you want, you have already created when you're already there.

Step number four is to employ all your senses and you think of five senses, but I honestly the three, three things that I look at when I think about senses are V, A, K. Visual, auditory kinesthetic. So visually, I want to I'm there, and I want to see everything I want to see and I want to see it within my body, not like a movie where I'm watching it from the outside. I want to be in that moment, per se. So if you want to employ all your senses that way. Visually, there it is, then auditorily I want to be able to hear all the things that are going on. kinesthetic to me is a is basically your body or spatial awareness, it also does deal with like a sense of smell and different things. So, the kinesthetic sense that you have of what's going on so employ your senses and really put yourself into that movie per se, so you're in it, not watching it was step number four.

Step number five record what you see and what it is at that point is after you've gone through this. You've put this thing down, write it down in bullet points just do a brain dump. Put everything down if you're already there. You are in the moment where you have achieved what it is you want to create you have at this point. So write it down at bullet points then fine tuning, which comes to step number six.

When you're fine tune in some This is the editing phase of all this, you've got all these bullet points. This is what I noticed, and use the present tense that is step number six. You want to say, Hey, I am or we are not we will do something it's like you already there it's like we are champions. We are in this state right now so if you use the present tense, it has more of a driver for you to actually get this deal done, and then step number seven.

And I like to call this sort of let it simmer it's like you know I enjoy cooking so it's when you let something simmer longer and I saw, it's cooking the like take the time, or you get to the grill or the you're smoking a barbecue or something or if you got a trigger or one of those babies, you know, and it's like let it simmer, let it take its time. And the thoughts that are going to go into your mind will actually guide you in the direction and that's when the how starts to show up, people will come into your life, things will start to be created because of that. I remember reading some things called the reticular activating system where it's like if you think about it out there, he let it ruminate and and guide you in the direction it's more like hey you know I've been reading about a particular car you know Cadillac. The latest Cadillac out there is something then all of a sudden when I'm driving on the road I see it everywhere, while they were always there just you're more attuned to those things. So I think, guiding yourself in that direction is part of that simmering prod simmering product of getting you where you want to go.

Now, with all this. If you have enjoyed this episode of insight access please feel free to reach out to me and let me know if some of you do it in different ways I do get emails which I appreciate few of you guys that actually have my cell number How could I get a text message. I appreciate that all as well some some guys who Facebook's it's all great. Have you get out to me I do want to thank Wayne Anderson for reaching out to me a couple times and, you know, telling me that he is enjoying this Domingo Graham from Newark, New Jersey a fantastic NFL player and a guy that I was fortunate enough to have recruited at one time to Hofstra, and he listens to this and. And I just want to thank them and so many people out there that are enjoying this podcast. And remember, it's not either or, you really can win on the field, and optimize your life. Hey, I'll see you next week.

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