Manny Matsakis

Inside Access: Reading is Fundamental for Leadership

Why you should read according to Manny

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Manny discusses why reading is an important part of his life, and also why you should read more as well. He breaks down why he reads throughout the year, his four reasons for reading as much as he does, and why you should start picking up more books as a leader.

Manny: This is inside access with Manny Matt sakis and today's episode is entitled, reading is fundamental for leadership. And I'll tell you something I really enjoy reading. And one thing about reading. That is fantastic for me has been over the years, I get the beginning of every year I set a target a goal, how many books do I want to read and. And in the last decade or so. I started being able to read like four books a month is what I was shooting for. So, ultimately 48 bucks in a year. Sometimes I get a little bit more sometimes not so much depends on what it is, there's some times when I may read a lot in a short period of time, you know, and get that sort of bashed out. But what I want to share with you about this, as far as why it's so fundamental for leadership is a conversation I had a couple years ago I made a statement. In my staff meeting about reading and how it's so important. And, and I that's. All I said was, it's just important I like reading and one of my assistant coaches had mentioned how many books do you read and and that's when that came up I just never thought about it never really came out that I was reading in essence 48 bucks in a year. And what happened was one of my assistant coaches started taking it to light source breeding and reading and there's like, I don't know how you do this you know why you know it doesn't make any sense I gotta slow down, because I can't retain any of this stuff. My retention, I guess like the book is over and I don't know what I just read you know I don't know if you've ever been in that situation but but I started thinking about this, it's like, hmm. You know, I personally don't really worry about any of that stuff, because I don't read. Just for the sake of retention, per se. And what I wanted to understand is the frustration that people sometimes get because I think when you see or you hear what somebody else is doing out there, you start thinking it's some kind of a race. And it really isn't a race, I mean understand at one point for me out it was just like one book a month, you know, shoot, one time was just read a book, a year when I was younger and, and it just, you just start to get used to a consistency of action in reading and, you know, and I love it so I really felt sort of wondering why in the world was my assistant coach my young assistant coach so like emphatic like, Oh, I'm gonna go try to read 48 books in a year, maybe, you know, he just set a target. And he just struggle with it and so in the conversation I had with him afterwards, I started to explain that. It's not about retaining it. It's not like you just you're in college, and you have to take a test on the book. That's not really how I see it working, and the reasons I read consistently and why I think you should read, I've got four reasons that I do without question.

The reasons that I read and none of them are based on retention. Zero. The very first reason I read is stimulation of new ideas, say, it gives me raw material for thinking, and that is the start if at all, because in my mind, I'm evolving my knowledge, I'm not the same person today, that it was 25, years ago, you know, and I believe leaders, you start to stagnate because you are not exposed to new ideas and reading gives you these new ideas and I try to read a variety of different types of books. And I, and that helps me start to connect the dots and map out ideas of what I could be doing, thinking, and so forth. So number one is stimulation of new ideas.

Number two is a simulation. All right, and if simulation for me as I were reading something and I get some good ideas from that but it also gives me a sense of how to apply someone else's ideas to my world, to the things I'm doing, and I enjoy that, because earlier in some podcasts that I was doing. I picked a few books out and I would read a book I'd give a book to a friend and assistant coach, you know, in that case and we would do like an a, an application and analysis of a book you know we'd say let's analyze the book let's apply it so that that is for me. The second reason that I believe that you should read.

The third is innovation and creativity doesn't just happen, I believe it comes from some type of outside influence. I. In a previous episode of Inside access, I had mentioned, the one time that I was reading a book by Dutch Meyer, that I'm watching a shade, no back shotgun team at TCU in the 1950s running around and I come up with what ended up being my belly series which is the jet sweep dive combination that really set the world on fire, where I was at Emporia State, and I would not have been able to do that. Had I not read his book, and it wasn't like, Oh, I applied, there was nothing in the book that said this is exactly what you do. He just gave me some thoughts that I could connect the dots so innovation, definitely comes from reading. I mean, you definitely do a pretty good job being more creative and I am convinced that people that wonder, I'm just not very creative they say that to themselves well, they're probably not reading, you know they're not giving themselves that insight that comes from from from great books, and so forth.

And the fourth reason that I read consistently is dissemination and dissemination to you, who I'm speaking to right now to my staff, my coaching staff to my players. You see I look at reading is a way where I can forage for the people in my life, and come back out and teach them. All these things from from the ideas I got the application, the creativity I get through innovating to dissemination is where I get to give back to you and others that are in my circle of influence, because I read, not only to change other people's lives, but to change my life. And it really is. I wanted to impact my thoughts, my behavior and understand more than anything else, you know, all leaders must be readers and reading is so fundamental to leadership. And if you think of it that way. You know that young assistant coach was all frustrated because of this. Actually, you should read more, not less. He wanted to read the last, so he could retain more. That's not how it works you want to absorb more information. So read more, not less and understand you. By doing so, can win on the field and optimize your life, and I look forward to seeing you next week.

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