The Chanticleers Rock the Jayhawks!

Coastal Carolina is known for its explosive offense that takes on opponents with a physical downhill running game. In this video series, you will see how they utilize play-passes and RPO’s versus Kansas, in 2021.

Here’s a rundown of what you’re about to see…

  1. Outflanking the Jayhawks with the influence of a downhill run game. (+6 yards)
  2. Option motion triggers the frontside linebacker and Safety on an RPO. (+33 yards, TD)
  3. A downhill run into the boundary triggers the frontside linebacker and sets up a 5-step speed cut out. (+14 yards)
  4. A textbook “Dead Zone” shot into the boundary. (+22 yards)
  5. The outside zone path triggers the backside linebacker to set up a slant. (+12 yards)

Quick Takeaways…

  1. The pad level of the offensive linemen is the key to setting up the play-pass and RPO.
  2. You can also throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage when you have an aggressive downhill run game.
  3. Play-Passes and RPO’s are inherently successful when the QB has great eye discipline and quick feet to get reset to throw.


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