The Manny Matsakis Show #3

A Football Coach with a World Record Power Lifting background that turns around football programs.

Here’s the latest episode of the show that features an interview with Coach Donnie Kiefer of Green Sea Floyds High School near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Coach Kiefer has one of the most unique backgrounds I have ever seen in a football coach, as he is a former world record holding power-lifter! His insights in building a football program are insightful for any coach and he has a proven track record of over 240 victories and counting…

Enjoy this episode, I sure did.




5:40      What an opposing coach said about facing a Donnie Kiefer led team.

15:00    Coach Kiefer’s process of taking over a new football program.

23:00    The lessons learned when he dismissed key players for misconduct.

35:20    The methodology behind Coach Kiefer’s Strength & Conditioning program.

40:25    His opinion on preseason conditioning tests.

45:00    The difference between “programmed” and “reactionary” agility. How and when to use each type of training.

52:20    The Speed model of weight training and how it can benefit your athletes.

56:40    More insight in how he uses “Speed Sets” in the weight room.

58:33    Power-lifting application to the sport of football.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD an outline of Coach Kiefer’s Strength & Conditioning program.

Hope you have enjoyed this episode & please feel free to comment below.


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2 thoughts on “The Manny Matsakis Show #3

  1. Great conversation to listen to! I really enjoyed listening to Coach Kiefers insights on building a program. Certainly has a lot of good insights that would work both on and off the field.

    • There’s little doubt we can all learn from a coach of this caliber. I’ve been receiving numerous text messages from coaches all over the country that have genuinely enjoyed Coach Kiefer’s passion and wisdom.