The Manny Matsakis Show #4

The Art of the Turnaround & No Huddle No Mercy with Shawn Liotta

At only 38 years old, Shawn Liotta is heading into his 19th season of coaching football and this year he’s finally home as the head coach of Burrell High School. Coach Liotta has had tremendous success at every stop along the way utilizing his brand of offense, No Huddle No Mercy. In this episode we delve into his career and insights from coaching at the high school, college and professional levels. Shawn was also the architect of one of the greatest upsets in WPIAL history when Albert Gallatin defeated West Mifflin in 2017. After viewing some of that historic game video, I am sure you’ll gain some insights into the mind of this creative football coach.

Enjoy this episode!


5:45 A funny story about coaching with your brother.

9:00 What compelled Shawn to become a football coach.

12:30 Coach Liotta’s process of taking over a football program & his 90 Day Action Plan.

16:00 The “playing fast” philosophy.

18:30 The definition and application of “playing fast.”

23:50 A reference to Tiger Ellison and lessons learned from the inventor of the Run & Shoot offense.

28:40 Some 1st half video analysis of one of the greatest upsets in WPIAL history.

41:30 2nd half video analysis of the West Mifflin game to seal this great upset.

54:15 Keys to optimizing your life as a coach.

1:02:45 How to figure out when you should hire someone to do a job; instead of doing it yourself.

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