Manny Matsakis

Coaching Conversations Vol. 1

Coach Joe Gordon

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Today my special guest is the Head Football Coach at Arlington Seguin High School in Texas, Joe Gordon. I have known Joe for quite a while and have always been impressed with his people skills as well as his ability to get the most out of his players. His coaching pedigree comes from the likes of Bob Stoops and Bill Snyder. I hope you will gain some insight from Coach Gordon, as I have in the following interview.

Navigational Highlights

4:40 – Joe’s unique entry into the coaching profession.

7:30 – Taking a leap of faith to leave a full-time job at K-State to learn lessons as a GA at Division III Mississippi College.

13:30 – Staying the course with the family while moving 7 times in a five year period.

17:40 – “Word Association” with Joe Gordon!

19:30 – The thought process in preparing a defense during game week.

24:00 – The secret to Joe’s success lies in this one saying…

26:00 – Joe’s thoughts on the application of the Parthenon Approach in his program.

28:52 – The importance of connecting the present to the past when taking over a football program.

32:19 – Applying the concept of Discipline = Freedom.

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2 thoughts on “Coaching Conversations Vol. 1

  1. Coach Matsakis, you’ve done it again; with a well managed dialogue with possibly one of the most strategic coaches along with yourself today Coach Joe Gordon! I was on fire while listening to the entire interview! This experience was unique to me, because I had the privilege to perform and be apart of both you and coach Gordons systems and philosophies while at Bethany College. I witnessed the structural, cultural, and disciplined atmosphere that came into existence for teams who lacked these very systematic keys to having a successful program! Once again it was a pleasure!!!

    Hey!Hey! It’s a great day to get better!

    • Steven, I appreciate your kind words. Coach Gordon is an outstanding example of how to Win on the field & Optimize your life!

      Hey! Hey! It’s a great day to get better!

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