Manny Matsakis

Coaching Conversations Vol. 5

Coach Darrin Hicks

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Coach Darrin Hicks has been a journeyman football coach that has worked at Division III, Division II & FCS levels. He’s been building a program in Weirton, West Virginia in a very creative manner at Weirton Madonna High School. Darrin’s experience is vast and he’s been a coordinator on both sides of the ball at the collegiate level. A devout Christian, he’s successfully applied his methodology to his players at a small Catholic high school in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia, near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

I believe you will also gain insight from his “out of the box” strategies in how he’s made progress in creating a balance in his life on and off the gridiron.

Navigational Highlights

2:53 – What inspired Coach Hicks to get into coaching football?

7:00 – Darrin shares insights on going from OC to DC at the collegiate level.

11:52 – Darrin’s experience working with Dave Aranda at California Lutheran.

16:22 – Dealing with staff dynamics and personalities of other coaches.

20:30 – Darrin’s non-negotiables in taking a job.

26:30 – The process of creating a turnaround.

32:45 – Building a competitive environment within a football program.

41:00 – Balancing life on and off the field.

42:40 – Rituals and routines that Darrin uses to start his workday.

52:02 – Dealing with negativity and the “monkey mind”.

56:25 – Darrin’s influences outside the world of football.

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