Manny Matsakis

The Manny Matsakis Show: Episode 2

"Do The Work" By Steven Pressfield

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The second episode of The Manny Matsakis Show takes a deep dive into Steven Pressfield’s book, “Do the Work.” Manny’s co-host is Matt Wehrhahn, the linebacker’s coach at Defiance College, and together, they work through an analysis and application of this book. “Do the Work” shows you how to complete any type of project from the perspective of writing a book. The insights listeners can apply are profound and worthy of this outstanding read.

Check out more info and links from this episode on the Podcast Post!

Navigational Highlights

[0:01] Show Intro

[0:32] Reading a passage from ‘Do The Work’

[3:01] Introducing Matt Wehrhahn and getting his initial thoughts

[4:54] Resistance and how it can show up

[15:13] How different forms of Resistance can keep you from reaching your goals

[19:10] Allies that can help you reach your goals

[31:48] Beginning: Starting a Project

[36:55] Stay Primitive and Swing for the Seats

[40:37] Lunch with my Mentor and creating the Outline

[44:58] How Manny utilized the outline for Defiance College Football

[50:26] Never underestimate Resistance

[52:59] Research and getting the first draft done

[57:39] Coach Snyder taking notes during practice

[1:01:43] The process of creating: Action and Reflection

[1:06:46] Assistance: the opposite of Resistance

[1:14:20] How to Reflect on the work and Communicate with your team

[1:16:40] Hitting the Wall and The Belly of The Beast

[1:23:51] The Enemy is inside you, but it is NOT you

[1:33:28] The Two Tests for Resistance

[1:37:43] Pushing Through and dealing with Failure

[1:52:47] Finishing the Project and Working the Problem

[2:01:00] Wrap Up of the Analysis of ‘Do The Work’

[2:02:32] Tips and Reminders

[2:08:20] Show Outro

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What do you think about “Do The Work” by Steven Pressfield? How does it relate to you and your life and career?

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