Manny Matsakis

The Manny Matsakis Show: Episode 7

Sarah Hogan (Atlanta Falcons)

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During the 2020 AFCA Convention, Manny sat down with Sarah Hogan (formerly Gigantino) to catch up and discuss her success in the football world. The daughter of Episode 5 guest Greg Gigantino, Sarah has known Manny for quite some time. Currently she is the Head Coach Operations Coordinator on the Atlanta Falcons, and she explains to Manny what that job entails while also reliving some great experiences from her career. A great listen for anyone looking to learn more about the administrative side of a football organization!

Check out more info and links from this episode on the Podcast Post!

Navigational Highlights

[0:00] Show Intro and Sarah Hogan Introduction

[2:05] Coming from a football family

[4:21] Sarah’s start in the industry; working for the NY Jets

[7:11] The path to Sarah’s first Director of Football Operations job

[10:44] Northeastern and Hofstra dropping their football programs

[12:37] Going to Georgia State and getting the job with the Atlanta Falcons

[16:48] What does Sarah do with the Falcons?

[20:44] Women in the football industry

[23:14] Sarah’s job responsibilities with Coach Quinn; day-to-day operations

[31:08] How is the annual calendar different for an NFL office?

[33:27] Sarah’s take on Dan Quinn

[34:45] How to keep families in the loop; helping and introducing coach’s wives to the organization

[40:20] Sarah’s career plan going forward

[44:34] Tips and Reminders

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Do you have experience on the administrative side of running a football program or organization? How do you think it would help you day-to-day to have people like Sarah working in your office?

Leave a reply and let me know!

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