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Hosted by Manny, episodes of this podcast cover a variety of topics. From interviews with football professionals, to the analysis and application of knowledge gained from different books, Manny discusses topics as they relate to American Football.

The Manny Matsakis Show encourages coaches and football enthusiasts to listen and gain knowledge that will help you Win on the Field and Optimize your Life!

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Episode 8: “Coaching Team Defense” By Fritz Shurmur

On this episode of The Manny Matsakis Show, Jovon Johnson (Def. Coordinator, Defiance College) joins Manny for an Analysis and Application review on “Coaching Team Defense” by Fritz Shurmur. They discuss a number of things covered throughout the book, including discipline and physicality on the field, defending the run and pass, and practice organization and preparation. Manny and Jovon take a deep dive into the book by one of football’s great minds, and there is much to learn from their discussion.

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The Manny Matsakis Show: Episode 7

See the Podcast on video! The daughter of Episode 5 guest Greg Gigantino, Sarah Hogan has known Manny for quite some time. Currently she is the Head Coach Operations Coordinator on the Atlanta Falcons, and she explains to Manny what that job entails while also reliving some great experiences from her career.

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Coaching Conversations Vol. 6

The latest episode of Coaching Conversations is with the head football coach at Division II Southwestern Oklahoma State, Chet Pobolish. Chet was an outstanding football player at Emporia State as a 4-time All-MIAA performer. Since then, he has gone on to become one of the bright young coaches that’s in the midst of building a quality football program.

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Episode 7: Sarah Hogan (Atlanta Falcons)

During the 2020 AFCA Convention, Manny sat down with Sarah Hogan (formerly Gigantino) to catch up and discuss her success in the football world. The daughter of Episode 5 guest Greg Gigantino, Sarah has known Manny for quite some time. Currently she is the Head Coach Operations Coordinator on the Atlanta Falcons, and she explains to Manny what that job entails while also reliving some great experiences from her career.

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The Manny Matsakis Show: Episode 6

See the Podcast on video! In this episode of The Manny Matsakis Show, Manny shares the studio with Matt Wehrhahn and Noah Pistory for an analysis and application discussion on “The Warrior Diet”, a book by Ori Hofmekler. They discuss dieting, lifestyle choices, and exercising while living as a football coach. Get ready learn more about how living a “Warrior” lifestyle can help change the way you look and feel!

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Warrior Diet Challenge

I will try this over the next 100 days (Starting on Monday, May 31st) and see what I notice. If you’d like to attempt a lifestyle change based on Ori Hofmekler’s book, The Warrior Diet, I have put together an outline of how to go about it.

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Coach Matsakis is very detailed and meticulous about what he does. He’s well organized, and he has a flair for doing things that are unique. He’s an innovator that motivates his players and I think that’s beneficial in college football today.

Bill Snyder Former Kansas State Head Coach

Manny Matsakis had been the head coach at Emporia State in Kansas and started the magazine American Football Quarterly. I hired him as my assistant head coach and special teams coordinator. Manny is someone I relied on to help me build the program in Lubbock. He is very organized and can wear numerous hats administratively while coaching our players at a high level.

Mike Leach Mississippi State Head Coach

I first met Manny Matsakis in 1988 and found him to be one of the most intriguing and innovative thinkers that had ever been introduced to me. I continue that belief as I have traveled a path with him through his inception of American Football Quarterly (now Monthly) magazine and AFQ University clinics, to our parallel head coaching experiences to Manny serving as my offensive coordinator in the Canadian Football League and here at Widener University. He takes a sensible approach born from the extensive study of the history of offense with insight to inherent weaknesses of the defense and eliminates the clutter of preparation to efficiently manage the time of his staff and his life.

Mike Kelly Former Winnipeg Blue Bombers Head Coach

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    Hi, I'm Manny Matsakis.

    If you’re tired of the “grind” and wondering if there’s more to coaching than working yourself to a nub for the sake of potential victories; then you’ve come to the right place. 

    Together with my team, I help overwhelmed high achieving football coaches to win on the field, optimize their life, and lead with confidence. I like to think I’ve grown through that process myself and will continue to do so! 

    Formerly the Founder and CEO of American Football Monthly, I’m also the Head Football Coach of The Defiance College Yellow Jackets in Ohio. But my favorite wins are at home – my marriage to my wife, Elizabeth, two sons (Michael & Eli), my daughter (Meredith) and the best vital health and energy of my life, to name a few. 

    Through courses that help you win on and off the field (Propel Yourself Blueprint and Triple Shoot Online), podcast episodes (The Manny Matsakis Show), plus this blog and YouTube channel (MannyTV)  – we’re creating a transformation for the overworked football coach. Every day, I see football coaches trade burnout for optimization, the grind for balance. I hope you’ll join me on this journey.

    Manny with Quarterback Michael Bishop (Winnipeg Blue Bombers)

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