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Episode 3: AJ Smith (Houston Roughnecks, XFL)

The third episode of The Manny Matsakis Show features an interview with A.J. Smith, the receiver coach of the XFL’s Houston Roughnecks. This show was recorded in the spring of 2019 before A.J. was on June Jone’s staff in Houston. Topics in this show range from virtual reality coaching of quarterbacks, to the various influences of Coach Smith’s career and ultimately to some discussion of the Run and Shoot offense.

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Episode 2: “Do The Work” By Steven Pressfield

The second episode of The Manny Matsakis Show takes a deep dive into Steven Pressfield’s book, “Do the Work.” Manny’s co-host is Matt Wehrhahn, the linebacker’s coach at Defiance College, and together, they work through an analysis and application of this book. “Do the Work” shows you how to complete any type of project from the perspective of writing a book. The insights listeners can apply are profound and worthy of this outstanding read.

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Episode 1: Manny Matsakis (Pilot Episode)

This pilot episode of The Manny Matsakis Show kicks off with guest and interviewer Lynn Groll. Lynn is the publisher of Black Swamp Football Magazine and current blogger for Lynn interviews Coach Matsakis regarding his career as a successful football coach, blogger, and entrepreneur.  Together they delve into topics of Manny’s influences from hall-of-fame coaches to what he plans to create in future shows on this podcast.

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