Manny Matsakis

Inside Access: The Unfair Advantage of Aging

Using your life experience to your advantage

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On this Inside Access Episode, Manny discusses how to embrace the effects of aging and use them to your advantage. Not everyone views growing older as a good thing, but you should! In this short episode, Manny tries to open your eyes to how you can appreciate your later years and use your life experience to help Optimize Your Life.

Manny: Welcome to insight access and I'm Manny Matsakis. This episode is entitled The unfair advantage of aging. “Grey hair is a crown of splendor. If it is attained in the way of righteousness.” that comes from Proverbs 16:31. This ancient wisdom is rarely taken heed in modern America. And you know, I've noticed, and I'm sure you do too that our culture is obsessed with the pursuit of youth. You know everything from hair coloring. You know you got the young scruffy facial hair look. You've got cosmetic surgery Botox all these different things you know when I travel, I see it everywhere. And it's interesting.

A lot of times I see coaches out there, as they get older, that's when they're trying to find this look of usefulness. And by doing some of the things that I just spoken about. But you know, according to ancient wisdom, gray hair is a splendor. Something to be embraced glorious. The problem with the quest for eternal youth, is that it makes us weaker, both as individuals and as a society. When we disdain aging and the effect it has on us. We feel this constant sense of discontent. As a society, we tend to miss out on the benefit of wisdom that comes with age. When we amplify the voices and look of youth, but refuse to listen to those who are more mature, we lose decades of hard won experience. Some coaches mature into their golden years as masters of their craft. Literally masters of their universe, while others wither away listlessly, and you never hear about him again. You know, I have some, some people that I want you to think about just the names of these great coaches that lived on and created a tremendous legacy Marv Levy with the Buffalo Bills, Nicola bows a great defensive coordinator in the National Football League. Amos Alonzo Stagg had trophies named after him, a guy that coached very long into his career Eddie Robinson. Bill Snyder, my mentor, Mel you may not know this but now I coached against Mel, and he was the head coach at Northwest Missouri and literally took a program around the Division Two level. And, and about three years, became a national power and he won national championships at Northwest Missouri. If you're interested in how to spell his name it's not how it sounds. It's Mel and then the last name is Tjeerdsma, and Mel. I just want you to know that because it's worth looking him up, because to me he's one of the best coaches in the history of the game and certainly in the Hall of Fame. And one thing is that all of these coaches I spoke about and there are others have gained momentum into their 60s and 70s. And that is a very powerful thing to be able to do. And as I stand here before you at 58 years old, I realized that the way I conduct myself and have conducted myself will ultimately determine the legacy that I will leave in the next 20 years or so. In order to leave the legacy, I want to leave. It's important that I reframe my view of aging. And I think it's worth taking a look at this. And realizing that there are three things that I need to understand.

Number one, as I reframe everything is that death is inevitable and aging is a reminder that we're moving toward the inevitable. Much of the longevity movement is based on the fallacy that science will actually cure death, a guy that I enjoyed reading the bulletproof Diet book, David Asprey is always trying to cheat death and saying that he's gonna live to be 180 years old now, he may figure out a way to do it. but there is some method to his madness. The second part regarding this aging is that aging is tolerable. And I believe you can definitely slow down the process. That's what I think Dave Asprey is doing and, most importantly, increase your quality of life, or you can just choose to give up. I personally enjoy finding ways to optimize my life, to give me vitality and energy. I do it through exercise dietary habits, understanding the process of fasting and cleansing. I really enjoy the use of essential oils on a personal basis and in my program. And in doing so, I am able to take advantage of this next stage of life and my career.

You know, years ago, and I know some guys right now that are maybe in their late 50s early 60s at choose to retire. And one thing I heard once and I without some specifics on this is our retirement age that we've set like to say age 63 whatever it was, as it was set is actually a socialist agenda. Now listen to me on this, Karl Marx had actually set that age, because he was trying to get the vote. Get the socialist vote he was trying to get the youth in his agenda to say, All right, look, if, if, if we go socialist in our movement, then what's going to happen is this retirement mandatory retirement is going to happen. And all these jobs and opportunities are going to go in our direction so young people would fall, and then it became a socialist environment that way. And we, in the United States just took that the funny thing is, back when Karl Marx was around the average age that people live to was like between 47 and 50 years old today. It's 78 to 80. There's a big difference. And there's so much to learn from that as you move forward. So, today yeah people do live much longer, but the key is actually quality of life. And every stage in life, as its advantages and characteristics. I get it, young people may have all this energy strength attractiveness. So what, that's not really everything that matters if you're young, it's understanding the dichotomy of all this because eventually you're going to get older, you know, so what like we say older people generally speaking, have more experience have more money and fewer obligations so they can actually if they choose to have an amazing single minded focus in a direction they want to go. I say, accept each stage of life, and enjoy its benefits. The third area in dealing with aging, that I want to reframe for myself is that wisdom is vital. I define wisdom as the ability to choose a course of action based on knowledge, experience and reflection. Let me repeat that for you. Wisdom is the ability to choose a course of action based on knowledge, experience and reflection. Please remember this, okay because while aging is inevitable. Wisdom is optional. Not all elderly are wise, it's an option to choose to live one's life in a manner where you are truly wise and the master of your craft. You have to choose wisdom. You do this right, it actually requires the humility to acknowledge mistakes, your mistakes, my mistakes, we all make them learn and grow from these mistakes, and then you have developed wisdom. So here's my suggestion for you, for you to gain the experience that results in wisdom. I use it daily discipline, called journaling, which is all about self reflection journaling gives me the chance to get the most out of the good and the bad decisions that I've made in my life. Understand this, your view of aging really matters because it ultimately determines if you're going to become happier and wiser, as you grow older. This is your choice. You can do that or you can choose to become increasingly discontent. And this fat dissatisfaction with your life and coaching career. And I believe that it all starts with having a high regard for old age. And in order to do that you have to own your own age, whatever it is, if you are younger, it's okay to understand that, I have the opportunity to learn from these mentors that are out there, and I think you know everything.

Right. And if you're older, you need to put yourself in a situation where you are truly wise, not just pontificating on the past you know oh when I did this, we were just tell him the stories there's some of that there, but there's so much more in this you know you need to stop denying it optimize it, and you will leave a legacy worthy of your being. I'm going to ask you to try journaling for a couple weeks, let me know. and see the results that you get. And if you journal in a fashion, where you're able to reflect and notice things, and then review it, as you go along. You really can win on the field and optimize your life. See you next week. thank you so much.

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1 thought on “Inside Access: The Unfair Advantage of Aging”

  1. Enjoyed the podcast on aging. You having read books outside of football has helped tremendously in my growth. Encouraging us to workout again has been great too! Thanks again.

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