Productivity Secrets

Insights to Propel Yourself in Coaching Football

Your life is multi-faceted & the demands on you are unlike any other profession. We all need ways to incorporate increased productivity in the job that still gives us some semblance of balance. In the following areas, I tap into some of the most progressive proven concepts in this area.

Productivity Secrets

Good Morning

How do you “Win the Day?” Are you working non-stop all day long just “to-do” list after list? It doesn’t have to be that way. The key to many high achieving football coaches id developing a strategy for a morning ritual that sets you up for the day. To set up your morning, CLICK HERE.

Pull Out Your Calendar

A coach’s secret weapon is the ability to handle adversity through proper planning. Bill Walsh called it “contingency” – basically winning the battle before it’s fought. You’ll gain insight into creating focus while gaining first insight into my planning process. To take a look at some concepts I learned from Bill Snyder in this area, CLICK HERE.

Quick Guide to Self Assessment

When does the New Year start for you? It can be anytime you are compelled to make a change and move forward. High achieving football coaches plan for success in different seasons of the year. There is no right time, and the best time is NOW! Get started from wherever you are & to get the process moving along you need to do a self-assessment. I’ve borrowed from a classic book, 28 fundamental questions to ask yourself. When you are ready to check this out, CLICK HERE.