Jet Sweep Optimization

Getting Results On Game Day!


There’s all this hype right now about the Jet Sweep at every level of football.

And, why not? It really works!

Why the Jet Sweep Approach is Smart for Every Offense?

Here’s the deal:

If you are running a conventional offense, you NEED a way to level the playing field when your opponent is bigger and/or faster than you are on a particular game day.

And since none of us can get enough speed on the field, utilizing the Jet Sweep is one of the most effective ways to accelerate the speed of your players.

When’s the best time to get started?

Right now. Don’t wait for adversity to hit you in the face on game day. Start implementing a Jet Sweep approach today.

Before You Read This Content, You Need to Understand the 2 ‘Non-Starters’ That can Hold You Back …

  1. I KNOW THAT. Making the assumption that you already know something or that you’ve seen this before… that won’t get you where you want to go.
  2. I DISAGREE. Some things you’ll learn may seem counter-intuitive or even strange, but they’re backed with decades of proven results.

Here are 3 reasons why utilizing the Jet Sweep is so important:

  1. It will get you first downs.
  2. It will put the defense on it’s heels.
  3. It will make your player’s faster at the point of attack.

Today I’m going to walk you through what you need to do to utilize the Jet Sweep – and why you should do it.

Getting  Started: How to Utilize A Jet Sweep Approach for Game Day Results

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