Manny Matsakis


Knowledge is power. Well, the application of the “right” knowledge for each situation is a pathway to power. With so many resources available to you, it’s critical to have your resources organized orderly so that you don’t waste precious time pursuing your passion.

My Best Resources

As I create content for you, I will update this page to give you a pathway to power. I’ve designed material sorted by the areas which coaches have been asking questions.

Jet Sweep Optimization

The Jet Sweep has been the hallmark of my Triple Shoot Offense. This concept has been featured in all types of offenses over the years. To learn more about why & how I’ve utilized this approach, CLICK HERE.


Productivity Secrets

Your life is multi-faceted & the demands on you are unlike any other profession. We all need ways to incorporate increased productivity in the job that still gives us some semblance of balance. I tap into some of the most progressive proven concepts in this area. If you’d like to accomplish more efficiently, CLICK HERE.

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