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If you’re like many of my readers, you should start here because you’re a successful, high-achieving football coach. You are committed to working smart and winning on the field, and – most important – succeeding in life. You are in search of constant and never-ending improvement. You want to leave a lasting impact on those who you influence.

The Goal!


So you want to improve while striving for a better life? Do you have championship goals like most football coaches? How about when it comes to your job, relationships and your family? Would you like to be more proficient in dealing with your feelings or merely getting better at everyday conversation? It’s always something. Maybe you feel like this coach:

“I feel overwhelmed. No matter what, it just seems like I’m dodging bullets all day long just waiting to get on the practice field where I can have a piece of mind. I feel like I should be doing something else during the day. My family life, forget about it. Even when I can make my son’s baseball game, I can hardly resist the impulse to pull out my phone and check my e-mail. I constantly wonder if I’m missing something at work. I am always worrying that somebody else is passing me by.”

Does This Sound Familiar?

If this or parts of this situation is how you feel, I just want you to know that you are not alone. In fact, the majority of football coaches that I have conversations with have struggled with the demands of the day at the expense of what matters most. If you’d like to move in the direction of a more fulfilling life while enjoying your career, then I would like to help you move toward this destination.

I Know How You Feel

I know what it feels like to be in quicksand.  To have your success go up and down as you are trying to keep all the balls juggling in the air, while still making an effort to be there for essential parts of your life.

For years, I, too, felt like I had to work long hours. Life was never really perfect. Too often, success came at the expense of my family and friends and those people that are most important to me.

As the Founder and former CEO of American Football Monthly, Big Season Sports and Touchdown Publications, along with being a career football coach and parent, I have had to face the fact that there is always something next and the ‘to-do’ list is never-ending. Then I read this quote:

Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives – choice not chance, determines your destiny.’Aristotle
384-322 BC

If you are like me, that means being an ‘essentialist’ and completely re-engineering your life for optimization. From spirituality to your health, your marriage, relationships and contribution to those young men we coach.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Through my blog, I will give you the clarity, confidence, and resolution you need to succeed – on the field and in life. From innovative tactics to employ on the gridiron, to strategies for personal growth and development, my goal is to empower you to do what is most essential.

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Manny & Ben

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Yes, you can win on the field and have success in life. All it takes is a clear intention and a coach to guide you. If you supply the first, I’ll provide the second. Let’s get in the end zone.

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