Manny Matsakis

Thanks for taking a moment to review an offensive system that I’ve been developing since 1989. This system is balanced and explosive, can control the clock, or score quickly. The Triple Shoot Offense is one of the all-time most productive offenses in the history of college football.

Successful At Every Level

I have run this proven system in high school, college, and the professional ranks. Everywhere I’ve run it, it has been a game changer. One year, I got away from it and it was the worst season of my coaching career. (Never again!) I should have known better, but that’s another story for a different time.

In every situation, our inaugural season was basically a turnaround or a move up in competition or both. Employing this offense, we have been the #1 offense in our conference in 18 out of 21 years executing this system. There were times we not only led the conference in total offense, but also in rushing, passing, and scoring at the same time.

NCAA records have been established in passing, rushing and total offense executing the Triple Shoot Offense. Brian Shay was the national player of the year at the Division II level as the featured Superback in our offense at Emporia State. Wayne Chrebet was a featured receiver at Hofstra University in our offense. The offense has produced players at every position that have moved up to the professional level… DeMingo Graham and Dave Fiore are noteworthy for their production in the NFL as offensive linemen.

[callout]I have personally installed this system at over 100 high schools and all of these schools have improved their teams and most of them have won conference championships (145+ times). To date, I’ve been notified that over 17 state championships have been won with our system.[/callout]

Here’s what coaches have to say…

One coach traveled over a thousand miles…

[endorsement cite=”Harold Barnwell” byline=”Miami Carol City“]I kept hearing about this innovative football coach that was helping out programs all over the country, so I decided to get on a plane and fly out to see what it was all about. In one weekend, he changed my world. He showed us the secrets he had developed to moving the ball and scoring points. Our first season, with a freshman QB, we made the playoffs and the next season we made it to the 2nd round of the Florida State playoffs. Coach Matsakis is a master coach that makes sure you have everything you need to succeed. [/endorsement]

Here’s a coach of a semi-pro team in Arizona…

[endorsement cite=”Steve Pappas” byline=”East Valley Warlords (AzFL)”]I can’t say enough good things about Manny’s Triple Shoot Offense clinic and support system. It is very well done, informative, complete and best of all, it is effective. Utilizing Manny’s system, my team experienced a surge in offensive production and more importantly wins. We stayed at or near the top of the league in almost every offensive category. After installing the Triple Shoot, our team rolled off a 37-8 record including 2 division championships, 2 conference championships, 1 state runner-up, 1 state championship and a national championship. With this resource, the offense is easy to install and the players love it. [/endorsement]

Triple Shoot Offense: Highlights


If you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.

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