Jet Sweep Approach Yields Results in New Jersey!

Case Study: Butler Bulldogs, NJ

The Butler Bulldogs have been running the Triple Shoot Offense since 1992. The program is one of the most storied in New Jersey football history. Butler is a small town where football is a passion. The coaches and players have been diligent in preparing for success on a regular basis. Recently, there had been a departure from Butler’s winning ways on the gridiron. Head Coach, Jason Luciani has led a renewed enthusiasm for getting back to their Triple Shoot roots and executing the offense with precision. This process was spearheaded with the hiring of new offensive coordinator Mark Mickens.

Getting Back To Their Roots

Coach Mickens had been involved with the Triple Shoot Offense since those early years when hall of fame Head Coach Bob Jones switched from the I-formation and garnered multiple state championships as a result. Mark Mickens was now entrusted to get the Bulldogs back to their winning ways on the offensive side of the ball. A few weeks ago, Coach Mickens saw my blog posts on optimizing your offense with a Jet Sweep approach. That day, he printed copies of the articles and showed them to his staff. After reviewing the materials, they knew that this was a solution to turning around their fortunes.

Coach Mark Mickens: Offensive Coordinator of the Butler Bulldogs (NJ)

Coach Mark Mickens: Offensive Coordinator of the Butler Bulldogs (NJ)

“The details, emphasis and videos in those articles inspired us to get back to what we were capable of accomplishing on game day.” – Mark Mickens

After reading this material, the coaching staff realized they had to make some adjustments to utilizing a jet sweep approach as a key to victory. Here’re the three steps they took next …

  1. They studied the information as a staff and committed to using the exact formula in those blog posts.
  2. They inspired their players with some vintage video of legendary Butler players running the offense.
  3. They told their players about Brian Shay and how he finished his career as college football’s all-time leading rusher running the same plays they were running.

The Bulldogs Get To Work

Dan Castiglia #7 (Photo courtesy of Deanna Polons)

Dan Castiglia #7 (Photo courtesy of Deanna Polons)

With two speedy inside receivers (Dan Castiglia and Sean Mefford), the Bulldogs offense got the attention of opposing defenses with the Jet Sweep. In fact, Coach Mickens called the “Pop Out” play 19 times in their most recent overtime victory over Morris Catholic.

Sean Medfford #3 (Photo courtesy of Deanna Polons)

Sean Mefford #3 (Photo courtesy of Deanna Polons)


“With the ‘Pop Out’ gaining massive yardage, it opened up the inside run game and our play passes.” – Mark Mickens

Now teams were focusing on the Jet Sweep… It was time to Divide & Conquer!

A tough, physical offensive line coached by Dan Arabia (former Butler player) led the way using Accordion splits.

A Freshman Superback takes advantage of the opportunity!

Sean Centanaro #4 (Photo courtesy of Deanna Polons)

Sean Centanaro #4 (Photo courtesy of Deanna Polons)

Sean Centanaro, the Butler Superback took advantage of what the defense gave him on that night versus Madison in a thrilling high-scoring victory. He rushed for 254 yards and 2 touchdowns & was named Northern New Jersey player of the week for that performance.

When Coach Mickens was asked about the explosiveness of this Jet Sweep series, he simply stated –  “This series primarily adjusts to the weakness of the defense… If you get it right, you can’t stop it!”

The Results Were Nothing Short of Amazing

In the last 3 weeks the Bulldogs were able to win each game with the following outcomes:
Butler 42 Madison 41
Butler 48 Morristown-Beard 0
Butler 14 Morris Catholic 7

Here’s the video of some of their highlights…

I applaud the Butler Bulldogs for taking immediate action and using a proven recipe for success. How could you take advantage of the same information to utilizing a Jet Sweep approach and spice up your offense to get results on game day?

For more resources to utilizing a Jet Sweep Approach: CLICK HERE

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